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Energy Exemplar® - Energy Market Modelling Software

Energy Exemplar® develops and supports PLEXOS®: the best-in-class integrated electric power/water/gas simulation software with a global customer base, and a history of success spanning more than 15 years.

Our dedicated and highly skilled ISO 9001:2008 certified development team ensures that the PLEXOS® Integrated Energy Model software delivers the latest technologies and is developed to the highest standards while remaining a highly transparent and open system. We back our software with quality local technical support, consulting, data and implementation services. We constantly strive to offer the most advanced simulation software solution to our customers and we have a track record of being first-to-market with innovations in mathematical optimisation-based 'system of systems' simulations.

Furthermore, our team of experts provides the highest standards of technical support, consulting, data and implementation services to our customers. Energy Exemplar continues to push the envelope with extensive investment in research and development. We constantly strive to offer the most comprehensive software solutions to our customer base and ensure that we are first-to-market with the latest advances in optimisation-based electric and gas market simulation technology.

Energy Exemplar is ISO 9001 certified for quality software development. From customer requirements through development and testing to delivery we set the highest standards.

PLEXOS® Integrated Energy Model

Simulation software for energy market analysis

PLEXOS® Integrated Energy Model (PLEXOS) is tried-and-true simulation software that uses state-of-the-art mathematical optimisation combined with the latest data handling and visualisation and distributed computing methods, to provide a high-performance, robust simulation system for electric power, water and gas that is leading edge yet open and transparent. PLEXOS meets the demands of energy market participants, system planners, investors, regulators, consultants and analysts alike with a comprehensive range of features seamlessly integrating electric, water, gas and heat production, transportation and demand over simulated timeframes from minutes to 10's of years, all delivered through a common simulation engine with easy-to-use interface and integrated data platform. PLEXOS is the fastest and most sophisticated software available today, and also the most cost-effective.


At its launch in June 2000 PLEXOS was first-to-market with electric power market simulation based entirely on mathematical programming. Today PLEXOS is the most widely used integrated energy model with a customer base spanning the globe and including the world's largest and most sophisticated utilities, regulators and system operators. PLEXOS simulation results are renowned for accuracy and robustness and have appeared in numerous publications and are subject to regular and rigorous audits.

Technology Leader

The following are examples of class-leading features of the PLEXOS system:

  • Co-optimisation of unit commitment and economic dispatch with ancillary services, optimal power flow and locational marginal pricing
  • Power-water-gas integrated simulation allowing the optimization of investment and production decisions across all commodities simultaneously
  • Monte Carlo and full stochastic optimisation
  • Comprehensive modelling of renewable generation and smart grid technologies with emissions pricing and limits
  • Seamlessly integrated simulation phases from long through medium to short-term, optimising investment decisions and decomposing production constraints and hydro schedules.
  • Scalability from single plant or portfolio optimisation to simulation of large-scale systems with thousands of generating units and transmission nodes.
  • Simulation resolution from sub-hourly intervals as short as 1-minute through to hourly or dynamically variable resolution.


A flexible object-oriented design tightly integrated with state-of-the-art optimisation allows PLEXOS to provide unsurpassed functionality across a wide range of planning problems including:

  • Capacity expansion planning
  • Production cost modelling
  • Electric and gas market price forecasting
  • Water and gas infrastructure planning
  • Market analysis and market design
  • Transmission constraint analysis
  • Portfolio optimisation and valuation
  • Operational planning with stochastic optimisation
  • Renewable generation integration analysis
  • Smart grid planning
  • Hydro generation resource management
  • Risk management

PLEXOS is an open system with results that are entirely auditable and comprehensive documentation is available, making it the perfect choice for market designers, regulators, consultants and researchers alike.


Providing the best support is our first priority at Energy Exemplar.
Our philosophy is to staff well and keep employing ahead of the curve. We currently have 25 PLEXOS experts in various regions and another 15 full time developers who are well placed to respond to your needs. All PLEXOS licenses come with free and unlimited support.


PLEXOS comes with comprehensive help files and a build in electronic Wiki.
However, there is no substitute for taking one of our training courses. Select from a range of generic and customisable training courses which help new users get started or more intermediate and advanced modellers improve their skills. Group training is also held in each region from time to time.


The best forecasts come from a well calibrated and back-tested model. Energy Exemplar's PLEXOS analysts have a wealth of modelling experience from all over the word and undertake customised implementation projects very regularly.
Some examples include dataset builds and back-tests, assistance with modelling configurations for projects, software optimisation for speed and accuracy, software installations, client-server configuration, automation of data entry, customised reports and that link directly to simulation outputs.


Energy Exemplar has close to 30 datasets from all over the world in PLEXOS form, and this number is growing as we are always working on a new one! If we don't have a certain country, we can get it, and we regularly partner with people to build one on request.


If there is a feature you need which we don't have, you may request it and we will build it as part of a future release at no cost providing the benefit exist for other users as well. Alternatively, our development team regularly work on exclusive bespoke customisation projects. PLEXOS also comes with the OpenPLEXOS tool which allows users to make customisable changes by programming PLEXOS how you like.


The variety of features PLEXOS has to offer has led to its use in many areas of the energy sector and across every region of the world for electricity and gas market modelling, planning, and portfolio optimisation. Globally, the types of users include:

  • Power generation companies
  • Transmission system operators
  • Electricity and gas market operators
  • Energy commission and regulators
  • Energy traders
  • Price forecasting agencies
  • Power plant manufacturers
  • Power plant construction companies
  • Consultants
  • Academics and research institutions

Released in 2000, PLEXOS has emerged as the energy market modelling and simulation software of choice, with a global customer base, serving many of the world's largest and most experienced utilities and system operators. PLEXOS simulation results are famed for their resilience and accuracy, as displayed in a number of publications. What's more, worldwide installations of PLEXOS exceed 1,150, and we now have 1,019 PLEXOS licenses at 200 sites, in 42 countries.

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