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PLEXOS® Integrated Energy Model

By Energy Exemplar

PLEXOS is a successful fundamental energy market simulation product that is used for electric power/water/gas simulation and analysis. Below is a categorisation of some of the functions that PLEXOS is used for:

  • Price forecasting
  • Energy market simulation and analysis
  • Detailed operational planning and optimisation
  • Trading decision support
  • Strategic modelling and decision support
  • Generation and transmission capacity expansion planning (investment analysis)
  • Renewable integration analysis
  • Co-optimisation of ancillary services and energy dispatch
  • Transmission analysis and congestion management
  • Portfolio optimisation and valuation
  • Risk management and stochastic optimisation
  • Gas system planning
  • Production cost simulation and electric and gas market price forecasting

All of these functions can be performed for any planning horizon: short term (minutes, hours, days, months) to long term (10-40 years).

Easy-to-use comprehensive features and documentation

PLEXOS has an easy-to-use graphical interface for data input, building models and viewing results. In addition PLEXOS comes with:

  • comprehensive documentation and help files that enables quick learning and model building
  • COM libraries that allow automation of data input, model building, simulation, results output
  • OpenPLEXOS libraries for customisation of algorithms to reflect propriety tactics or strategy.

PLEXOS has comprehensive reporting capabilities that include an integrated Solution Viewer that shows results in charts and tables, and ability to export results to external databases, reporting systems, text files and Microsoft Excel.

Energy Exemplar is dedicated to continual improvement of PLEXOS and encourages clients to request features and enhancements, which are developed as part of normal release cycle or can be developed earlier on agreement.

Global clients and services

The comprehensive set of features of PLEXOS has enabled its use in many areas of the energy sector. Globally, the types of users of PLEXOS include:

  • Power generation companies
  • Transmission system operators
  • Electricity market operators
  • Energy commission and regulators
  • Energy traders
  • Price forecasting agencies
  • Power plant manufacturers
  • Power Plant Construction Companies
  • Consultants
  • Academics and research institutions

There are 3 types of PLEXOS products:

1) PLEXOS® Integrated Energy Model: Simulation software for energy market analysis. This is the main product with graphical interface and all the simulation and analysis functions and features.

2) PLEXOS® Connect: Distributed computing solution for PLEXOS simulations. This is the data management program that is an extension to the PLEXOS® Integrated Energy Model: Simulation software for energy market analysis. and used for centralised storage, distributed computing, multi-user access rights, data sharing, version control.

3) PLEXOS® Gas Model Edition - This is a subsidary product to the main PLEXOS product that integrates the coordination of Gas-Electric Modelling and Gas System Planning.

Insights into the PLEXOS® Integrated Energy Model: Simulation software for energy market analysis.

Windows-based desktop application capabilities include:

  • Intuitive object-oriented design
  • Create or import power system data
  • Full data editing functionality through a graphical user interface
  • Execute simulations including batch-runs
  • Create charts and data tables of results
  • File storage in XML format

Demonstration and trial

We can provide a demonstration at your office or via the web, and free 30-day trial licenses. In addition, we can arrange references from our clients worldwide on request.

Licensing, maintenance, technical and implementation support

All three editions of the PLEXOS simulation software are offered as annual licenses. PLEXOS® Integrated Energy Model: Simulation software for energy market analysis. uses a third party optimisation solver. You can choose from one of the top four commercial solvers (CPLEX, Xpress-MP, Gurobi and Mosek), all of which are inbuilt and installed as part of PLEXOS. We enable the solver chosen and licensed by the customer.

In addition, the license fees include:

  • maintenance of the software and upgrade to latest release at no extra cost
  • unlimited technical support via email, phone or remote-desktop at no extra cost

Energy Exemplar has dedicated teams providing technical, consulting and implementation support to a global customer base that demands the best quality products and service.

For more information please contact us.