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Eta-com - Busway Systems

The Eta-com Group was founded in 1979 and ever since markets a full range of betobar-r cast-resin insulated busway systems.

The concept, which was already operational in industrial installations in the sixties, is now in the third generation form yet still young and modern. Due to its typical characteristics the system is already guaranteed in many projects world-wide, providing safe and maintenance-free electrical power supply in low voltage and medium voltage installations.

The betobar-r busway system has been developed for safe and space-saving transmission and distribution of electrical power in low and medium voltage installations. This concept is unique as it is based on the direct encapsulation of copper or aluminium conductors with an insulation compound, the B.I.M. casting mix, consisting of epoxy resin mixed under vacuum, with a high content of selected inert mineral charges, covering a wide range of grain sizes. This B.I.M. casting mix has excellent electrical characteristics and high mechanical withstand capability with specific physical properties. It is moisture-resistant, fire resistant and self-extinguishing.

A flexible fabrication method with universal moulds and an integrated process controlled mixing technique allow the production of an almost unlimited number of element forms for low and medium voltage applications.

The prefabricated elements are self-supporting and are interconnected electrically with one another by joining the conductors with 2-sided compression contacts, ensuring an excess of contact surfaces and a maximum of adjustments. Junctions and element extremities are overcast with a B.I.M. casting mix resulting in a homogeneous insulation over the full length of the connection. Betobar-r connections are therefore safe, maintenance-free, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications and satisfy the ever increasing requirements for power supply and distribution systems in electrical installations.

Betobar-r applications for:

  • Main busbars in powerstations
  • Energy distribution main feeders
  • Total energy installation
  • Bus-coupler connections
  • Machine (motor) feeders
  • Rising mains in high-rise multistory buildings
  • Transformer stations in industrial plants, off shore platforms, public buildings, hospitals, hotels, banks...

betobar-r complies to:

  • EN 60439-2 LV
  • IEC 60466 MV
  • Protection class IP68 IK10
  • Fire resistant IEC-331 (LV 3 h 750 °C flame contact)
  • Electrical continuity E30 – E90
  • Ex code EEx m II T5 cert. upto 10 kV

Our busduct, busbar or better busway system can be found specified as:

  • Total encapsulated busbar
  • Fully (epoxy) cast-resin insulated busway
  • Epoxy moulded type busduct
  • Fire rated electrical busway

All these descriptions suits betobar-r "a rock solid solution" by the Eta-com Group.

Eta-com B NV/SA
Scheldeweg 4
2850 Boom

Tel: 0032 3 880 64 00
Fax: 0032 3 844 42 38