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Hadek Protective Systems - Corrosion Resistant Chimney Linings

Hadek Protective Systems is a specialist for the internal protection of power station chimneys and flue gas ducts.

Our customers are utilities with coal, oil or lignite firing power stations mostly equipped with flue gas desulfurization (FGD) systems. FGD operation creates the need for cor-rosion resistant chimney linings.

Flue gas desulfurization operation

During flue gas desulfurization operation the flue gas temperature in the power plant chimney will nearly always be below the sulfuric acid dew point. As a result aggressive condensates are formed within the chimney flue. Due to the lower flue gas temperature, the draft within the chim-ney is reduced and flues that were under negative pressure before FGD operation, will now often be operating under positive pressure. Furthermore, the possibility of FGD bypass operation cre-ates the risk of damaging thermal shocks within the chimney flue.

Pennguard® block lining system

The Pennguard® Block Lining System is Hadek's main product line. The Pennguard® Block Lining System forms an impermeable, acid resistant barrier inside the chimney flue. The Pennguard® Block Lining System is based on closed-cell borosilicate glass technology. Lightweight borosili-cate glass blocks are manufactured under highly controlled conditions, and are attached to the internal steel, concrete or brickwork surface of power plant chimneys, using a durable, flexible adhesive.

Block lining for new and existing chimneys

The Pennguard Block Lining System is used worldwide in new chimneys, but they are also fre-quently used to modify existing chimneys for low-temperature FGD operation. The Pennguard® Block Lining System is suitable for a wide range of fuels (coal, oil, lignite, petcoke, biofuels) and operating conditions, from low temperature wet flue gas to high temperature untreated gas, even with a high sulfur content.

The Pennguard® Block Lining System is also suitable for inlet, outlet and bypass ducts, both for new build and retrofits. The Pennguard® Block Lining System is lightweight, it does not require anchors and it is thermally insulating.

In addition to the Pennguard product itself, Hadek provides a range of services, including feasi-bility studies, engineering, on-site quality assurance, long-term guarantees and performance monitoring.

Pennguard® linings installed with Hadek's supervision are durable and reliable.

Hadek Protective Systems
Beursplein 37
3011 AA Rotterdam
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 10 4051461
Fax: +31 10 4055011
Email: sales@hadek.com
URL: www.hadek.com