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Pentair Thermal - Managing the Heat You Need

Pentair Thermal is the world's largest manufacturer of electric heat-tracing systems, combining unrivalled experience and expertise with the most extensive range of technologies, products, systems and services available from any single supplier in the field.

Heat-tracing technology

Pentair Thermal offers a wide range of different technologies to match end heat-tracing applications safely, efficiently and economically. This means that its customers can be assured of the most effective solution, however simple or complex their needs may be.

Tyco Thermal Controls is the world’s largest manufacturer of electric heat-tracing systems.With more than 50 years of experience, Pentair Thermal has delivered over 500,000km of heat-tracing cable for installations in more than 100 countries around the world.

These include applications involving processes in pipes, wells, tanks or vessels to meet the diverse requirements of many different industries, including oil and gas, utilities, petrochemicals, speciality chemicals, power generation, pulp and paper, food processing, pharmaceuticals and specific solutions for a wide range of OEM industries.


Electric heat-tracing systems

A complete electric heat-tracing system is much more than just the heating cable and, uniquely, Pentair Thermal offers the ability to specify every element of a system, including complementary components, accessories, and control and monitoring systems from a single source, ensuring totally compatibility.

These products have been developed in response to the needs of Pentair Thermal's customers worldwide, to offer the benefits of:

  • Increased reliability for the complete EHT circuit
  • Ease of installation
  • Simple maintenance
  • Simplified stocking / ordering and reduced parts storage due to versatile compatibility of components
  • Increased safety and simplified documentation through relevant approvals, including complete system

Heat-tracing control and monitoring systems

Tyco offer a range of unique fibre-wrapped, self-regulating cables, manufactured using high-performance polymers.Reflecting customer needs for minimizing energy consumption, production cycle downtime and installation costs, Pentair Thermal's extensive range of control and monitoring systems provides the most cost-effective solutions from simple ambient sensing to advanced, multi-circuit, integrated line-sensing systems that include the unique option of central monitoring with local control, offering major benefits in reducing total operating costs. The product range is supported by powerful design tools. For more information, please click here

Self-regulating and power-limiting systems

The leading brand for self-regulating and power-limiting systems, which are ideal for the heat-tracing of complex pipework and equipment, Raychem offers the most complete heat-tracing systems for temperatures up to 250°C and a typical system length up to 250m.

Industrial and speciality heating systems

Tyco Thermal Controls has delivered over 500,000km of heat-tracing cable for installations in more than 100 countriesProven in use over many years, HEW-THERM industrial polymer-insulated (PI) series heating systems are particularly suitable for longer heating circuits in excess of 250m and withstand temperatures up to 300°C. Constant-wattage, mineral-insulated (MI) systems in a variety of constructions that withstand the harshest environments, Pyrotenax cables, complementary components and accessories ensure the highest system reliability for high-temperature applications up to 600°C.

Isopad speciality heating systems are designed and tailor-made to provide the benefits of heat-tracing across a range of unique applications that may contain either hazardous or non-hazardous products and processes with temperature requirements up to 1,000°C.

Heat-tracing control and monitoring systems

DigiTrace offers the industry's most complete range of dedicated heat-tracing control and monitoring systems, from single-circuit mechanical thermostats to multi-circuit, micro-processor-based networked systems and innovative local control and centralised monitoring technologies.

Leak detection and monitoring components

TraceTek offers a variety of components that combine to provide state-of-the-art leak detection and monitoring capabilities for virtually all liquid handling and transportation systems. TraceTek systems can locate any detected spill to within 1m, even on pipelines thousands of metres long.

Online design tool for electrical heat-tracing applications

TraceCalc Pro software is the universal design tool for electrical heat-tracing applications supporting worldwide codes, standards and design practices, enabling customers to select the optimum solution from Pentair Thermal's broad product range.
Available on their website, TraceCalc Net is an easy-to-use, online design tool for industrial heat-tracing applications.

Heat-tracing engineering and projects

The engineering and project execution arm of Pentair Thermal, Tracer, offers services encompassing engineering, procurement, fabrication, site services and maintenance to provide the most technologically appropriate and economical heat-tracing solution for each project.

Complete heat management services

Tyco’s heat-tracing cable is used in pipes, wells, tanks or vessels to meet the diverse requirements of many different industries.Pentair Thermal's service centres are positioned strategically around the world to meet local requirements, reflect local practices and provide a full array of heat management system (HMS) services. Specialist Tracer engineering teams can undertake or support specific phases of any size project or provide an EPC service that delivers a totally optimised system across the whole plant, with a single point of responsibility for its success, providing total care in heat-tracing systems.


For information please contact us HERE

Or visit Pentair Thermal at www.thermal.pentair.com