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Vlassenroot - Leaders in Laser-Cutting, Bending & Welding High Strength Steel

Vlassenroot are world leaders in the production of critical components for telescopic cranes. Their core business is the production of advanced steel components, complex supersized components made of high strength steel. Their expertise is deployed in the construction of infrastructural works, such as bridges, locks and tower blocks.

Vertically integrated industry group with bases in Belgium, Germany and Poland

With over 80 years of experience in steel processing, Vlassenroot is now the market leader in XXL (extra-extra-large) steel processing. The company has more than 1,000 employees collectively and realise a turnover of EUR 150 million.


Vlassenroot is a vertically integrated industry group with bases in Belgium, Germany and Poland. They guarantee the highest possible level of tailor-made service. They are driven by their employees' and clients' desire to innovate. Vlassenroot is and remains the number one reference in XXL tailor-made solutions.

The Vlassenroot Group are leaders in laser-cutting, bending and welding high strength steel for booms, turntables and chassis of hydraulic telescopic cranes. The Vlassenroot Group is also a major international player in the production of special profiles for bridges, tipper trucks and oil tankers.


Since 1996, Vlassenroot has been a part of the JC Wibo and Partners Group, who are an international group with its roots in production and distribution.

Extra-extra-large steel processing

Vlassenroot applications and production processes are characterised by being XXL in both size and complexity. For example, The Vlassenroot Group delivers the hydraulic booms for one of the tallest telescopic cranes in the world. With a hook height of 132 metres, this crane was specially developed for the installation of wind turbines.


The Vlassenroot Group processes extremely large steel constructions with the utmost precision. They drill holes with a centre distance of 5 metres to a tolerance of just 0.2 mm in heavy welded profiles and produce sections for hydraulic telescopic cranes with a diameter of 1.5 metres and a girth tolerance of less than 4 mm.

Laser-cutting, bending and welding high strength steel

The Vlassenroot Group works with high strength steel and high elastic steel types with exceptional hardness and strength of up to 1,300 Nm/m². They possess the special expertise, knowhow and production methods that are required to process these materials professionally.


All processes are subject as standard to a quality control and are furthermore extensively documented. Each crane boom section delivered is accompanied by extensive documentation, guaranteeing the traceability of materials, processes and quality control. Every welded element is MP inspected (100%). Furthermore, at the client's request, additional quality tests may be carried out.

This results in an extremely high level of delivery performance and flow rate speed with virtually no outages and an optimal quality. In this way, Vlassenroot guarantees an excellent price-quality ratio.

Every organisation is a centre of expertise

Every organisation in the Vlassenroot Group is a centre of expertise which creates its own specific added value. Vlassenroot has 4 centrally located production units allowing for an optimal flow of goods from sheet metal to finished product:

  • Belgium, Groot-Bijgaarden: laser-cutting and bending.
  • Germany, Schwerte: welding together long components.
  • Germany, Bochum: aligning long components, welding collars and other components onto the crane sections, applying the first coat of paint.
  • Poland, Gliwice (near Krakow): production of the smaller components of the crane booms, and of the crane chassis and turntables.

Vlassenroot produces special profiles for a wide range of applications: one-off elements or production runs of elements made to the client's specifications. Their modern, efficiently designed and well-equipped production facilities enable this individual approach.
With four production facilities spread across Europe, Vlassenroot is always near its clients. From their head office in Belgium, Vlassenroot organise their international and intercontinental sales and distribution network.



Vlassenroot nv
BE-1702 Groot-Bijgaarden
Tel: +32 2 467 62 11
Fax: +32 2 466 19 26
Email: j.buyst@vlassenroot.com
URL: www.vlassenroot.com